97 Chevy Tahoe hesitation, What..is..going..on… ****FIXED/Fuel Pump****

97 Chevy Tahoe hesitation, What..is..going..on… ****FIXED/Fuel Pump****

(FIXED) UPDATE: 1/22/2018: It was the fuel pump. I fixed it myself. Super easy to do. Nothing like the horror stories that made me wait so long to do it. The shop that did the injectors said it wasnt the fuel pump and I asked them specifically to look at it. And let them know I had a unit that can go in. Not long after it was fixed. The wife destroyed the tranny and we sold it for nothing close to what we put in to it as parts. It was a good lesson in chevy truck nonsense. I think I had my lifetime fill of them. But I will say this. I still have a chevy today. And Im looking to get a dodge for the wife.

UPDATE: So as of 12/6,
I realize by now I probably should have sold this truck long ago. But I am and will continue to try and solve this issue. I have a lot of money wrapped up in to this thing to give up so easily. I have a fuel pump that was lying around and this weekend I replaced the old one. Unfortunately it takes a new style of plug and I will need to splice the new plug in. That will have to wait. Soon I will know if the new pump is the fix to this nightmare. FYI the pump looked rough and the filter pretty bad. The tank and gas looked pretty compromised. lots of junk settled to the bottom. I hope that nothing go through and clogged the injectors. Thanks for all your comments and helpful suggestions thus far.

This is my Tahoe 1500 5.7 vortec. Shes a great rig mostly but I have this Hesitation and trouble starting not sure what to make of it.

Changed TPS, fuel filter, plugs, fuel pump relay, checked wires, battery, and have a new fuel pump on the way 213k on it.

This video goes over what I know and some questions I have about what the problem is. I also show that no error codes are detected. Pretty much she has troubles starting. When she turns over she idles like a dream! Slow throttle she sounds great. Lots of throttle she boggs down