Autism and Stuttering

Autism and Stuttering

What is the link between autism and stuttering find out in this video. Also about aspergers and stuttering.

People with autism are more likely to stutter. Learning what stuttering is and how to treat it can help you. A few stuttering cure exercises will be shown in the video.

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This is an autism youtube channel dedicated to educating the world about autism spectrum and promoting inclusion. We hope to teach people on the spectrum how to reach their potential, their families how to help them out, and communities on how they can help better the lives of people on the autism spectrum, and include people with disabilities.

What do we believe?
We believe in autism awareness and autism education. That knowledge of what can help someone with autism should be very easy and accessible.
We believe in self improvement, but no cure to autism

Right now the videos are being made by Craig Kohn. Craig was diagnosed with Aspergers as a child, and as he grew up he started realizing that he had to work on his social skills and improved himself dramatically all by himself. Craig has spent years working with people with disabilities in a professional setting. The channel looks to host experts on autism so that they can spread their knowledge.
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