Best Space Moments of 2018! ASTRO AWARDS!

Best Space Moments of 2018! ASTRO AWARDS!

Welcome to the 2018 Astro Awards!!! A time where we reflect on all the exciting things that happened throughout the year in spaceflight and space discoveries.

Now these are nothing official, just a time to look back on the awesome science, discoveries, engineering and achievements made in the past year. We took polls here on YouTube, Twitter and Reddit for your favorite missions and now we get to soak them all in!

Each year, we pick our favorite space moments and award the winner the much coveted LEO Award!!! This is our chance as the general public to lift up, celebrate and thank those who dedicate their lives to furthering our knowledge and understanding.

2018 was an INCREDIBLE year for spaceflight and space discoveries. As a matter of fact, it was the busiest year of launches since 1998! Clearly we have a lot to talk about.

This years highlights:

Voyager 2
Soyuz Abort
Virgin Galactic VSS Unity
Osiris-Rex / Bennu
NASA Commercial Crew Selection
ISRO Preps for Human Space Flight (GLSV-MKIII D2 and Gaganyaan)
Rocket Lab It’s Business Time
Parker Solar Probe
Block 5 debut and thrice flight
Falcon Heavy

Footage assistance – Allyson Cornish


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