Can You Change Your Accent?

Can You Change Your Accent?

Ever wonder what it takes to change your accent? Is it even possible?
If your goal is to sound more like a native speaker, this is the video for you.

It’s easy to have high hopes about our speaking skill in a second language. After all it can be frustrating to be asked non stop- “Where are you from?” or even told by randoms that you have a “strong accent.”
Our clinic is hear to advocate for multi-lingualism. In fact, we argue why sound “native” when you can sound like a polyglot. What is key, according to research is to reach maximal clarity.

Let’s get down to business and learn what can be achieved. In this tutorial you will learn more about what it takes to move your speaking closer to native English pronunciation patterns.

This video will help you sort through the following:
1) Does an accent really matter?
2) How do adults learn pronunciation compared to kids?
3) Is there a magic trick to learning a new accent?
4) Is there a structure to learning new sounds effectively?
5) What does research tell us about how to clean up our pronunciation in a second language.

Voice Science™ is a speech pathology clinic and communication consultancy based in Melbourne Australia. Our core service is accent modification as well as voice therapy, elocution, stuttering therapy and company consulting / communication workshops.

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