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A tourist discovered a physical human anatomy in a mine shaft. It resulted in a serial killer preying on international females. A tourist in Cyprus month that is last snapping pictures at an abandoned copper mine — an eerie landscape of rusted-out songs, disintegrating hulks of equipment and a blood-red, […]

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Wedding of this Week: Imagine fulfilling your personal future spouse after an accidental swipe on Tinder? That is what took place this Cork couple An accidental swipe on Tinder resulted in the wedding of Deirdre O’Donovan and Philip Nannery. Deirdre, a lecture in CIT from Cork City wed Philip Nannery, […]

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They announced their separation to Paige and Henry, whom took the news quite difficult – especially Paige, whom blamed Elizabeth when it comes to failing marriage (“Safe home”) Philip moved in to a motel, but nevertheless maintained their roles to Elizabeth as partner, and father that is loving their kids, […]

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