Coronavirus Wuhan:Huang is trying to tell story and illustrate more

Coronavirus Wuhan:Huang is trying to tell story and illustrate more

Yesterday I called my classmate in Wunan, he went back to Xianning, his mother-in-law’s home, and return back to Wuhan yesterday, it took him 4 more hours to drive back to Wuhan, but is normally only takes one hour driving. and he got some permission from the community that is why he can be approved to turn back to Wuhan.
In his own neighborhood there are not a single one patient of pheumonia, he told me the possible reason, in Wuhan, most of the people do not have the heating system, but the winter in Wuhan is very cold, about 0 degree, but in his own house, their developers provided them the heating system, I think that is very special in that city, it seems like it is a wealthier lot of that area.
In my own city Changsha, we have a very cold winter, but we do not have heating system too, in the rural area, the farmer will burn wood or coal for heating, but in the city, normally, we will use the electricity.
About my wechat account, I contact them for 6 times, but still no positive reply, they just repeat the same answer again and again, that is a template, it is said, you put and spread some sensitive information, that is why they block my account. I will continue to fight for my own right.


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