Dove Cameron Videotapes HEART WRENCHING Tribute To Cameron Boyce

Dove Cameron Videotapes HEART WRENCHING Tribute To Cameron Boyce

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Dove Cameron finally breaks her silence on the passing of Cameron Boyce.

Hey everyone, it’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and Dove Cameron, co-star and close friend of Cameron Boyce, finally breaks her silence on his untimely death.

In a series of emotional videos on Instagram, Dove read a note she wrote about her feelings on Cameron’s death.

After expressing why she hasn’t said anything in the last few days, expressing that this was a personal matter and didn’t feel it was right to post on social media yet, she finally thought it was time to share her thoughts as it was the only way to get through the grief.

“I’ve been unsuccessful thinking about trying to summarize something where there are no adequate words in the English language. I’ve been mostly quiet or expressive through crying. I’ve never stuttered and unable to speak before these last few days. My system is still in shock, my brain is still foggy and full of holes.”

Dove continued her letter by sharing her condolences with Cameron’s family, stating, “I have close to nothing left, which tells me some small percentage about how you must be feeling.”

Dove also shared memories of her friendship with Cameron, stating he was always someone she turned to, as he helped her though some of the darkest moments in her life, and that he was an “earth angel.”

Dove closed out her video by offering her final goodbyes to Cameron and how special he was to so many.
“Goodbye my dear, dear friend and brother. You leave behind a colossal wake, a profound chasm that can never be filled.”
She continued to say quote, “But you also leave millions and millions of deeply impacted, hope-filled and loved-filled human beings who are who they are because of you and how you spent your brief 20 years on this Earth. What a gift you were; you turned the world on its head. We can all only hope to be half the human that you were and you deserved so much more time … I will spend the rest of my life missing and loving you, and I’m all the better for knowing you.”
Cameron, you will be missed.
If you want to see Dove’s full response to Cameron’s passing, you can watch the full series of videos on her Instagram page.
What do you think of Dove’s speech? What is your favorite memory of Cameron Boyce? Let’s share our thoughts in the comments below. Also, just love on someone today because tomorrow is not promised. Let those close to you know how much you mean to them. Thanks for hanging out with me on Clevver News. I’m Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see you next time.

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