Dr. Harold Levinson discusses the symptoms of dyslexia on "Medical Watch", WGN News

Dr. Harold Levinson discusses the symptoms of dyslexia on "Medical Watch", WGN News

Harold Levinson, M.D. is a world-renowned psychiatrist and neurologist. He is credited with bringing about a dramatic medical breakthrough in the understanding, diagnosis and successful treatment of dyslexia and its many related signal-scrambling disturbances of the inner-ear and the cerebellum.

Dr. Levinson began his dyslexia research over 30 years ago within the New York City Board of Education. Formerly Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at New York University Medical Center, Dr. Levinson is now Director of The Medical Dyslexic Treatment Center (also called The Levinson Medical Center For Learning Disabilities) in Great Neck, NY. Dr. Levinson’s research has been published in many scientific and peer-reviewed journals and reviewed by top media including The New York Times, Science, TIME, Smithsonian, “The Today Show” and “Larry King Live.”

The Levinson Medical Facility for Dyslexia or LD is highly unique. For those children and adults with Dyslexia or LD, ADHD, Anxiety/Phobias and related disorders, an appointment at our Medical Center would ensure all with an accurate diagnosis. Most important, the test results will lead to rapid and often dramatic improvements in 75–85% of medically treated individuals. When effective non-medical therapies are added, 100% will benefit.

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