Employers need a better understanding of stammering

Employers need a better understanding of stammering

In February 2013, a UK survey of over 200 adults who stammer found that:

– around half thought a better understanding of stammering at work would make them more effective at their job

– two thirds said it would make them feel happier working for their current employer

– more than three quarters wanted to be part of a network across employers

– almost half said they had not put themselves forward for promotion because of their stammer

– two thirds said they were likely to hold back good ideas at work because they felt that speaking up was a problem.

Life can be tough when you stammer. particularly at work, where stammerers often feel they are under greatest pressure. So we want stammering employees to know that, if their employer belongs to the ESN, it is safe to talk about stammering.

The ESN offers support and a network of others who stammer, with information on best practice, and tips for situations which you may find difficult.

When an employer shows they’re interested in what you have to say, not how you say it, your work life could be transformed. As a manager in an ESN member company said: ‘By helping me with my speech, by supporting me and funding a therapy course, my employers have literally changed my life.’

If you are an employer in the UK, and would like to know more about the ESN, please go to www.stammering.org/esn


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