[ENG SUB] Kiss The Radio – Seventeen_HONGKIRA 161214

[ENG SUB] Kiss The Radio – Seventeen_HONGKIRA 161214

@53:36, the question on the script is ‘호시’가 생각했을 때, 가끔은 좀 창피하다 싶은 멤버는? [i thought my trans could be mistranslated and cause misunderstanding, please help me if you know the right context]

0:00 iu ft. thunder – merry Christmas in advance

[summarized answer sheets for the quiz battle]

1. Who Vernon doesn’t want to share a room with? -Mingyu
2. Wonwoo’s pick of 17’s no-fun member? -Seungkwan
3. The member S.Coups wants to date if he’s a girl? -S.Coups
4. This was revealed in an interview, Mingyu’s treasure? -Looks and body given by parents
5. The member Vernon doesn’t want to introduce his little sister to? -Dokyeom
6. What made Wonwoo upset recently? -Dokyeom didn’t let him borrow a charger when his phone was running out of battery
7. S.Coups’ nickname during his school days? -There’s none
8. What Mingyu saved Dino’s contact as? -돌❤//this could have many meanings
9. Vernon’s favorite midnight snack? -Fried chicken intestine
10. The moment when Wonwoo felt most thankful towards the members? -This is the moment

1. Hoshi’s pick of the lowest visual rank in 17? -Hoshi
2. Dino’s highest rank at school? -#16
3. Jun’s body part he is most satisfied with? -Nose  Anklebone
4. What The8 thinks is the lacking point of Performance Team? -It’s the most tiring
6. The member Dino wants to treat as his younger brother? -Woozi
7. What Jun is most thankful towards the members? -For teaching him Korean
8. Something The8 received from a member on his birthday? -Given by Dino, ……… [I can’t read his writing]
9. What made Hoshi feel the most touched by the fans? -When they cheered at the concert
10. Who gave Dino the most strength on his CSAT day? -The8

1. If Dokyeom gets a week of vacation, which country would he go to? –Australia  Sweden
2. Seungkwan’s pick of Vocal Team’s color? (Rainbow)
3. What Joshua was shocked about when he first came to Korea? –Because there was a hamburger franchise
4. Jeonghan’s pick of who hard-carries this album? –Jun
5. What Woozi says the most when directing? –Just get into the feelings
6. The age Dokyeom wants to get married at? -33
7. The most special Christmas gift Seungkwan got? -Yoyo
8. Joshua’s body part he is the least confident of? –Legs
9. What made Jeonghan cry recently? –When he stung his eyes from putting contact lenses
10. What Woozi does when he’s in a good mood? –Buys chicken

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credits for chinese parts : emery, Joanna H., klammy37, ruthwith sunfish, bevy2998, Audrey Wang, HeyIts Zoey