Eyelid Myoclonia with Absence Seizure – Rare seizure type_seizure clusters & trigger_postictal state

Eyelid Myoclonia with Absence Seizure – Rare seizure type_seizure clusters & trigger_postictal state

Multiple seizures and seizure clusters -Absence seizure with Eyelid Myoclonia – a very Rare seizure type, especially in an adult
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My daughter and I drive outside the city to get a spring water approximately once a month. Even with epilepsy…she is the muscle, as I am also disabled, in extreme pain and weaker than she is. So she does most of the heavy lifting whenever she can and we help each other… sometimes I have to take over to finish the job, well… lots of times lately. The Spring time and the Fall are not kind to her neurological balance. She does get upset when she starts a job and cannot finish it and sometimes it can increase her stress if she is already not feeling so well. So I thought the series of seizures that started this evening were because she was stressing out, but we had a different lesson… it was not the stress, it was something else…

We provide tips and written and/or spoken comments in most of our videos
“Tip of the day” at the end of each video started in October of 2017
We are working hard to reach as many people as possible creating our videos and sharing our experiences, so more people know what Epilepsy is, what to do in case of someone having a seizure.

We create these educational videos, on “Epilepsy Series” here at “Realexcel Epilepsy Portal” for the purpose of providing information and support for others, who want to know more about a “Seizure Disorder” and have been diagnosed with Epilepsy.
It is for educational purposes only & reflects our own experience and perception on the subject of seizures and lifestyle changes and adjustments that must be made to assure safety of the epileptic loved one. The videos we create are a good, proven guideline for family, friends, or anyone who wants to know how to care for an Epileptic and what to do in case of emergency, mainly for those who are not familiar with Epilepsy.

We want to interact with you, bring help and sought information, Emotional support and help to generally feel better about yourself and the world knowing, that you are not alone, and that many others go through very similar ordeals every day.

We take pride in Sharing our Personal experience with you, in bringing you valuable tips and experiences, as it takes courage and many hours of hard work.
I am a loving Mother of an Epileptic child. We both want to inspire people to look at the bright side and focus on improvement and the good things in life. Provide tips , do’s and don’ts, first aid information and how to make your environment safer for your loved one, especially when it comes to your home, where most of the seizures happen.
The intention is to raise awareness on Epilepsy and to Interact with people who struggle and seek a better way of living and coping with this unwanted condition.
May Love and the Healing Power of the Universe be with You.

Collaborating with my daughter, Virginia Delgado, to bring you a piece of the reality, of what living with Seizure Disorder/Epilepsy means.
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