Hepatitis B Vaccine & Autism- Paul Thomas, MD

Hepatitis B Vaccine & Autism- Paul Thomas, MD

Dr. Paul Thomas: They don’t do that. There are good studies on that. If the baby is in distress, you are, of course, doing to get busy, but most the time you can delay cord cutting. Then in the US hospitals, when you sign to have your baby, parents you need to know this, you are giving permission for routine care. Routine care means whisk that baby off, dry him off, vitamin K, which I think is okay. It’s a good idea, hepatitis B 250 µg of aluminum for a vaccine your baby does not need. You know catch hepatitis B, right Mike. You’re a medical person.

Mike: Sexually transmitted, blood transmitted.

Dr. Thomas: Exactly. Hepatitis B you catch from sex and IV drug use, sharing dirty needles. I’m thinking “Hmm, none of the babies in my practice are doing that.” Why are we moving the Hep B from teenagers, where belongs, to newborns? I had that thought in 2002, when that recommendation was made. They told us, you can go back and find the articles, we’re going to raise a population that’s immune hepatitis B. We can eradicate it, like we eradicated smallpox. Has that happened?

Mike: No.

Dr. Thomas: No. Here is what we now know. Some of the early data goes almost 20 years, but there’s a huge cohort that is now hitting 15 years, because that was about how long ago we did this. The studies are showing for 20-year-olds, 26% of them still have immunity, 26%. That means 74 do not. When are these kids going to have sex, and be promiscuous, and maybe do IV drug use? Late teens, early 20s. When that happens, most of them probably won’t have protection anymore. Not only are we unnecessarily poisoning all these babies, I’m sorry for using the word poisoning, but when you inject a toxin, you’re poisoning. We are not only poisoning them for no reason, they’re not at risk for Hep B, but we’re also reducing their ability to have good immunity when they need it. There was a study published very recently last few years, 300% increase in autism. This is an autism summit. We want to find out what can we do to reduce our risk. Hepatitis B series in infants 300% increase in autism rate. There’s just one thing you can do, just don’t do the hepatitis B, unless birth mom, if you have Hep B, you do it. That makes sense. There’s a good study on that. Other than that, 99% of mothers in America do not have hepatitis B. Guess how many in my practice have had hepatitis B in my 30 year career.

Mike: One.

17:19 Aluminum and Brain Damage
Dr. Thomas: Zero. That was a good guess, though. That was a really good guess. Zero. I’ve had a few Hep C’s lately, because that’s on the rise. There is no vaccine for that yet, but no Hep B. That and one other issue that will talk about which is the MMR, were reasons that 8 years ago, I went to my group practice, fellow pediatricians, and I said I can no longer ethically give hepatitis B to newborns. There was a study showing that that much aluminum will reduce their developmental scores, actually the study was done IV’s, so I should clarify for our viewers, a very good study done by Bishop. I think it was in the late 1990s, where they looked at preemies who had to be fed through a tube, hyperal. At the time hyperal was very contaminated with aluminum. They were worried about this, because you preemies don’t have good kidney function, which puts you an even higher risk for aluminum damage and aluminum toxicity. What they found was, if they got more than 4 to 5 µg of aluminum per kilogram per day, they lost a point on the Bailey Developmental Score, for each day that they were on hyperal. So every day that you’re getting aluminum, you’re losing developmental scores. You’re getting brain damage. Let’s just use the number 5, 5 µg per kilogram per day. What does a typical newborn weight?


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