Hit and run driver sentenced

Hit and run driver sentenced

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After month of waiting the trial took place on Wednesday.

Well, it didn’t come out as expected. But see for yourself 🙂

Here’s an little FAQ mainly fed by the comments. So if you’re missing an answer feel free to ask:

1. Why did the offender need a translator?
He’s not a native German speaker. His German was very rudimentary. So he chose to have a translator.

2. Did the court see the video evidence?
Yes they did. But the court’s playback hardware seemed to be from the last century. First the video was stuttering then the audio was too bad to understand conversation at the end.

3. Why was the offender not charged with intent?
As a witness I wasn’t allowed to attend the first part of the trial and didn’t hear the accusatory sentence. So I don’t know what was going on here. Maybe the prosecution wasn’t able to understand the conversation due to ancient hardware either 🙁

4. What lead to migitation of sentence?
– The offender was admitting his guilt
– The offender is under psychiatric treatment against depression since 2007 constantly taking ataractics.
– No previous criminal offences on record

5. What is this Medical-psychological assessment all about?
See: %29