How To Master Your Mind

How To Master Your Mind

How To Master Your Mind

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If you’re like me, your mind has sabotaged you in the past.

You want to feel confident, but it makes you shake
You want to eat healthy, but junk food wins

Today I’m going to give you some high level strategy for dealing with all those things and more.

Let’s start with the operating principles

What makes one person walk into a room confident, head held high excited to meet people on the top of their game and another slink in? What makes one person work on their business like crazy

When you think about what people are willing to do for religion, give their lives, hurt other people, help other people, it should become clear that your beliefs drive action.

The problem is most of us do not know how to choose what we believe. It might sound crazy, but imagine if you could simply choose to believe that everyone was excited to talk to you. Or you could choose to believe that putting long hours into building a business was fun. Or that eating junk food was worse than being hungry. Imagine how easy it’d be to achieve your goals if you could just pick the beliefs that supported them.

Well, that’s where I’m going, so I want to introduce you to the principle that drives what we believe.

3:58 Recognizing the positive intent for the self confidence
5:00 Associate a painful consequence if you do not change
7:59 Determine the pleasure you get when you change

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