How To Turn Your Weakness Into Your BIGGEST STRENGTH | Prajish Prabhakaran | Josh Talks

How To Turn Your Weakness Into Your BIGGEST STRENGTH | Prajish Prabhakaran | Josh Talks

A proverb that goes around the globe is that your destiny lies in your hands. But sometimes, life also puts up numerous obstacles, in the form of what one thinks of deformity in themselves. But it is our flaws that make us unique and come out to be our biggest motivation to succeed in life.

Prajish Prabhakar, the famous media personality associated with prominent names like Scoopwoop, Ok Tested, Mumbai Ke Chhupe Rustam and Rajshri Entertainment has a story that one must hear. Prajish was given the wrong medication by doctors after he went through an accident, due to which he started to stammer. This gift of stammering bought him a range of bad experiences and failures, ranging from bullying, flunking in school, and depression and anxiety attacks. He was denied opportunities by his teachers at school, just because he used to stammer.

But Prajish never gave up. Always being intrigued by the charm of facing the camera, being on stage and being under the spotlight, made him pursue his dreams. He did Bachelors of Mass Media(BMM), during which he won more than 71 trophies and awards for acting, direction and script writing. He still struggled to speak, but eventually, when he accepted that he does have a flaw and he does stammer, he was able to master his own destiny.

Watch Prajish’s Josh Talk know how you can make a blockbuster comeback in life, in spite of facing bullying, depression, and anxiety. Prajish tells his journey, on the struggles he went through due to bullying, how he had to do schooling privately because of panic attacks he had, and how he was denied opportunities. Today, he is the Senior Content Producer in one of India’s largest production houses, Rajshri Entertainment.

If you are going through a bad phase, anxiety or depression, and feel like there is no way out of misery, go watch this talk to know the practical life tips to make a blockbuster comeback in life.

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