I Stutter, Video Blog (intro, Week 1

I Stutter, Video Blog (intro, Week 1

Everyone has a voice! People who stutter, or stammer are no different. We have a voice and we want to be heard!

I stutter and have been doing so since I was three. I started to embrace my stutter a year and a have ago when I had the opportunity to travel around the world in 11 month to 11 different countries doing God’s work. While traveling the world I came across amazing people who have adapted to being blind, lost a limb, and much more. It made me realize that my stuttering isn’t that big of a deal to me anymore.

I know that with the voice that I have I can educate other stutters to SPEAK out and to embrace their stutter and not hide behind it. I also want to encourage those who don’t stutter, to watch my videos and subscribe to know what obstacles that we as stutters face.

My videos are about my week. I tap them every Saturday and go over if my week was good or bad in terms of my stuttering.

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