Killer Rat Physics And 5 Best And Worst Plague Tale: Innocence Features

Killer Rat Physics And 5 Best And Worst Plague Tale: Innocence Features

A Plague Tale Innocence is a rat filled horror story where you protect two children from holy bullies and millions of flesh-eating rodents. From the rat physics to the story to stealth, our Plague Tale gameplay breaks down the best and worst ideas in the first two hours.

This isn’t our A Plague Tale Innocence Review – this A Plague Tale gameplay is taken from the first three chapters, roughly two hours of the game. Our full Plague Tale review will appear on Rock Paper Shotgun: The Site, closer to release. In this new gameplay video Matthew offers some early Plague Tale impressions – breaking down why the rat physics wowed him, why the rodent puzzles show promise and why the game needs to let our heroes off the leash. A Plague Tale’s gameplay is just a little too guided at the moment.

The Plague Tale story involves two children – Amicia and Hugo – suddenly left stranded from the safety of their home with religious thugs hot on their trails. In this A Plague Tale Innocence gameplay we go from their lovely house to a terrifying rat-filled crypt, where you see the rat swarm in action. It’s quite the thing. Bring a sick bag. Elsewhere in this Plague Tale preview Matthew breaks down the different approaches to stealth, whether sneaking past angry guards or using stones and pots to distract them. There’s also light puzzling elements to help get around them.

A Plague Tale stealth isn’t massively complicated, but it has slightly more flesh on its bones than Plague Tale combat, which mainly involves lobbing rocks at soft human skulls. You can forget about fighting the rats however. While you can scare them away, they will keep coming back until you escape into daylight. Horrible little creatures. The video is largely spoiler free – it certainly shows less than A Plague Tale Innocence trailer, which was recently released. This is more of a gameplay introduction.

If you have any questions about what you see in this Plague Tale Innocence gameplay, let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to solve any mysteries. And if you enjoy this impressions video, please do subscribe to the channel. That way you won’t miss our full Plague Tale review when the game releases on May 14. And while you’re here why not check out our other videos. Most of them are rat-free.

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