MisterFaggot L

Killshot (Remix) (Turtle Diss)

Last night he said he had a big brain,
Bitch still won’t put furry in his name
And no, I ain’t talking about the gay
Who cosplayed as muscle man the other day, nah

Really sorry that your friends might uncover that
See TurtIeTheFertile or that other crap
Realized this back when I was blacked
Kid can off anyone, provided that he had a trap

Glob, Glob, fine, kids, dumb, as, kynd
But how you gonna cry over a plat phantom,
When inside your pv 3 you have tons?

Hot gigga, pulls triggas, kids drop and they twirl
Many figures but turtle still can’t talk to girls
One joins the call and he’s stuttering like a baby
Only girls he can get are from central, maybe

You can try nick but I already got you
Kids a shoreline fan but can’t even shoot
Goes to a concert asking for some lean or some weed
But goes to the hood and gets capped cause he’s furry

Or you drop and you scurry
Running so fast you’re in a hurry
Like you’re trying to trap and you’re swerving
Placing blocks trying to get sand to all proc
But before you know it you’re teleblocked and you’re cocked

Or by some stroke of luck your trap accidentally works
(On a gkitter) at that point you beg for a pick first
Or you cry like a fcking baby it’s a knee jerk
Hoarding all those sets, how are you any better than turx?

Hop on killshot to give him a taste of his own medicine
Looks like headless 3 with the shit that I’m severing
And while I’m rememberin, it took me two whole tries
To hop on a diss track to burn this fucking kid alive

Too irrelevant to diss, and I bet this gigga really pissed
Call him voltic cause he stutters with a lisp
Says I whispers on lines but my voice is really crisp
Try to talk shit then get your jaw corrected by my fist

And don’t get me started with this faggot faction pce
Who gets one kill then will talk shit for a whole week
The whole faction is fucking trappers,
kill us in a shitty yijiki set, then toss it to clapster

Who will flop faster than the raid events we plaster
Then talk shit about our mass sets because they are fatter
And do more damage, but it doesn’t really fucking matter
Because once we log on we turn all the comp to trappers

And even then we climbed the lava faction latter
To become a f top fac, despite all the ducking hackers
Insiders, dossers, doxers, cappers
Trappers, border bouncers and shitty helpers

And this is for all those that doubted us
Those same people now beg to us
On their fucking knees for sets or money
Because 10 minutes ago you got on and got cleaned

And if you wanna lose a set just go and ask me,
Or Jaquande, Xl, beup, Kenny
Banjo, Savz, elite Turtie
Or anyone else because furries got plenty

And I combine shit like a hybrid
And we inside shit like that kynd did
Log out bitch we slash find shit
Mid air your base? Don’t mind it
Got no igs cause you mined it

Hey Empire where’d your points go?
Hey Spongebob where’s that gear bro?
Everybody’s bait for the FURRYGANG
So better watch where you go and pvp hoe

We out for your necks like an assassin
Right click our pets and see you all passing
No comp to eat, we’re always fasting
Getting fucked so hard call it couch casting

Everlasting, call that shit immortal four
Fuck a buffer bitch, we going for that core
And we want more, fuck a 14 lore
You ain’t nothing to a furry better catch the door


And we pick it up like we’re tryna cop some gear
Spongebob at their spawn derp don’t see us on the near
Haven’t left the string in a whole entire year
Never see us coming better play it by ear

And Who else want it? Rascals? Fails, Satanic, nails, in their coffin
Empire mess with our walls? Dropping
They go to pvp and you bet they ass Popping
Jahkilla flopping, set gets monopin
Think you up ahead? Peep f top-and
Try to pvp? Chickens be flocking
Try to test us? Furries always stompin



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