Maroon 5 – "Stutter" Video (+ Lyrics)

Maroon 5 – "Stutter" Video (+ Lyrics)


A music video to Maroon 5’s “Stutter,” off their brand new third album “Hands All Over,” out now!

The infamous sweater guy and his friends with no taste are back for another round of singing, dancing, and more. Starring Michael Yanoska, Connor James, Cory Jones, Brian Kiely, Megan Donaghy and Niccolo Bongioanni, with a very special guest appearance by the one and only Malaya (the little girl).

MAJOR THANKS to Maroon 5 and our contacts at A&M/Octone Records for everything throughout this whole process, we couldn’t be more stoked to have collaborated with you guys. Never imagined our fun little summer project would get us this reaction!

We got to meet Maroon 5 at their Sacramento concert! Video here:


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FUN FACT: The little girl, “Malaya,” was just a bystander watching us film the choreographed dance stuff down by the ocean. She really wanted to dance with us, so we included her in the video to have her own little improvised moment and have all of us dance with her. Fun addition to the shoot, thanks to Malaya and her family!


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