My student from Germany shares his experience / Vijay jain sir speech therapy

My student from Germany shares his experience / Vijay jain sir speech therapy


About me –
I am vijay jain, Writer, Motivational speaker, Corporate trainer, Speech therapist, Yoga and meditation expert.
I am proving speech therapy courses and consultancy since 2005. I had stammering problems when I was young. I faced with these problems for 15 years and then started finding solutions regarding stammering and stuttering. When I was 27 years old, I got myself completely alright and I got confident on myself then I started study in this field.
I got my education in speech language pathology and other alternative medicines.
I started my vijay jain sir speech therapy center in the year 2005.
I have cured many candidates and they all are satisfied with my speech therapy.

About video –
In my all videos, I try to show you proof about my stammering cure and speech therapy. I have cured almost every voice problems like stammering, stuttering, apraxia, aphasia, muteness, lisp, motor speech disorder, language disorder, hearing loss, communication disorder, speech sound disorder, autism, speech language impairment,
Beside this some people are having good voice but even then they have stage phobia and poor confidence so they also come to me for attending classes regarding personality development, confidence, motivation, group discussion etc.
So if you want to get best voice and effective communication skills then you can contact me.

My address:
Vijay jain sir speech therapy center
D-55, Shastri nagar, behind S.P.Medical college, Near surana nursing home, Bikaner (Rajasthan) – India
Mobile / Whats App no. – +91 8890601641
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Our courses:
1. Classroom + online support | 2. Online courses (stammering cure at home)