Nissan Hardbody Surging and Rough Idle

Nissan Hardbody Surging and Rough Idle

This is uploaded for my friends at, but I will take advice from anyone on youtube that had the same issue as me as well.

Filled her up 10 gallons of fuel and the next day she started running like crap and would not start up unless I held the throttle to the floor. I thought I jumped a tooth or two on my worn timing chain.

Installed new timing kit and it is not rattling anymore but still idles like it is running on two cylinders. And YES my timing marks are on point. My old chain did not jump a tooth, but the guide was shattered.

Cam cotter @ 12 o clock.

Crank cotter @ 12 o clock

Cam mark @ 3 o clock

Crank mark @ 5 o clock

Dark colored timing chain marks lined up perfectly.

Had to stab the oil pump 3 times, but I made sure my backwards “D” top corner was @ 11:45 like before I removed the oil pump.

SOLVED!!!!!! The upper corner of my backwards “D” was at 11:30,,,,,and not 11:45! After removing the pump twice,,,,,and re-stabbing the distributor shaft 30 times (While trying the line the oil pump hole and punch mark on the shaft itself.) I found it was not on the 11:45 mark. These KA24E engines timing is SO SENSITIVE.

Rotating the the distributor JUST A HAIR is the difference between TDC and 15 degrees BTDC. BEWARE,,,,,,,,One tooth of is enough to make your KA run like POOP!!!!!!!