overcome your stuttering || coruscant subliminals

overcome your stuttering || coruscant subliminals

hello angels! ♡

— requested subliminal.

this video (audio) is designed to make you overcome your stuttering permanently and contains subliminal affirmations that will help you:

— get rid of stress &’ repeated movements.
— develop perfect speech, speak clearly and loud enough to be heard and understood.
— become confident and comfortable with your voice and yourself.
— release and clear embarrassment, fear, shame, frustration, anger and any other factor causing your stuttering, including trauma or genetic and environmental factors.
— get rid of tension and social anxiety.
— develop adequate language skills.
— get rid of neurological abnormalities and completely normalize your brain activity during your speech.
— get normal, healthy optimal activity in your brain areas responsible for language processing.
— get normal, healthy most optimal activity and coordination between broca’s area, cerebrum and cerebellum, left hemisphere auditory areas and frontal temporal regions of your brain.
— have normal healthy activity in anterior insula and bilateral midbrain during speech.
— have normal optimal healthy activity in ventral premotor, rolandic opercular and sensorimotor cortex, bilaterally and heschl’s gyrus in the left hemisphere of your brain.
— have normal most optimal linguistic processing and coordination between speech motor and regions in the brain’s left hemisphere.
— have perfect optimal healthy levels of neurotransmitter dopamine.
— have perfect optimal healthy continuous airflow and soft speech contacts.
— get rid of speech impairment and unwanted repetition of sounds, vowels, syllables and words.
— improve your oral communication ability.
— get healthy throat muscles.
— have most optimal healthy perfect movement of the tongue, lips, jaw and speech organs.

disclaimer: this video does not replace any medical prescription. subliminal affirmations and the law of attraction are a belief and work differently on everyone, depending on diverse factors.

— any pointless rude hate comments will be deleted.

— also you should definitely hmu on insta i’d love to make new friends.

— my subliminals contain both male and female voices, a mix of different rates (normal to sped up) and pitches. they do not contain frequencies or binaural beats. anyone can use, unless stated in the description or title. they are downloadable (use wav or flac format for better quality instead of mp3). the description of this video explains exactly what the it is made for, so i do not include hidden affirmations. headphones, earphones or earbuds are optional.

— and, my subliminals do not contain harmful and/or negative affirmations (no, don’t, won’t, can’t etc.), i personally prefer to use positive words and suggestions.

— daily repetition of affirmations is important so is patience and a positive mindset for subliminals to work guys. really.

— also, listen for at least for 10 minutes. don’t listen for more than 12 hours a day and you can listen to my subliminals while you sleep, do your homework and chores, etc. it takes an average of 21 to 90 days to notice changes, for some it can take more and for others less, everyone’s different.

keep yourself hydrated, keep your vibes good, love yourself, visualize! meditate! you will achieve your goals because you deserve it. stay safe, angels. ♡


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