Self-Sabotage After Narcissistic Abuse

Self-Sabotage After Narcissistic Abuse

Self-sabotage is a defense mechanism you may have learned from your abuser/s. It’s part of the abuse training where the abuser conditions the target to abuse him/herself. In this video I describe the 5 most common forms of self-sabotage that I see in the particular kind of PTSD/C-PTSD that is caused by abusive relationships. I give you some tools to train yourself to stop getting in your own way so you can create the life you want to live.

Reprogramming Flashbacks & Self-Talk:

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NOTE: Meredith Miller is not a therapist or counselor — She is a holistic integration coach, helping you to self-heal after abuse and transform your life. She works with a mind-body-spirit approach to wellness that is a valuable complement to traditional psychotherapy. She recommends that you also seek out a licensed therapist who has experience with narcissistic abuse and understands these dynamics extensively in order to help you with the Complex-PTSD, especially in the early stages of recovery. Thank you for taking responsibility for yourself!

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