Self Therapy for the Stutterer

Self Therapy for the Stutterer

What does “Self Therapy for the Stutterer” look like? Here are a few key components that can assist you in becoming your own speech coach.
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– Be sure to understand that this is a process and not a one-time event. So many people become impatient when working on their speech because they set up unrealistic expectations.
– Understand that this process includes creating a “new” way of thinking. Stuttering is as much Psychological, especially for adults, as it is Physiological. This means you will need to systematically and consistently address your beliefs about yourself as a speaker, as well as challenge yourself to push beyond your comfort zones.
– Understand that this process is also Physiological. You will need to change “how” how you speak. For example, in my work with clients more than 90% struggle with feeling rushed, and or speaking too fast. We have found that they they learn to relax a bit and just slow down their speech, they experience an 80% improvement in their speech. You will have to change certain aspects of “how” you speak. Speed will probably be one of them.
– Find resources that you can listen to, read and watch on a daily basis that encourage, inspire and instruct you. These resources should teach you how to improve your speech, confidence, presentation style, esteem, communication skills and whatever else you want to work on. Why? You must constantly feed your mind with content that counters what you may think by default. THIS is one of the most powerful tips I can offer you here.
– Practice and use your new speaking style “everyday” “all day”. Use it “every time” you speak. Speaking well is a learnable skill and habit. Therefore, you will need to be patient and consistent no matter what how many set backs you experience.
– Find an accountability partner or group. You probably will not be able to do this alone. You’ll need to be encouraged and inspired by others who have or are going through the same thing.
– Finally, don’t spend too much time watching, listening to or thinking about “stuttering”. Why not? Whatever you focus on grows. Whatever you look at, thinking about, talk about, and listen to eventually becomes a part of your thinking and your behavior. You take this information in through your senses, your brain processes it, and stores it. This is how we learn things and develop habits. Therefore, be sure to only take in what YOU want to become a part of your identity.

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