Ski Murders, Bad Company In WW2 And 5 More Battlefield 5 Features You’ll Love

Ski Murders, Bad Company In WW2 And 5 More Battlefield 5 Features You’ll Love

Battlefield 5’s single player serves up a fresh batch of War Stories – each one a mini single player campaign that whisks us to a different conflict. It’s like James Bond one second, and Battlefield: Bad Company the next. We had fun, and here’s six features you’ll love too.

In this Battlefield 5 single player preview you’ll see three campaigns: Nordlys, Tirailleur and Under No Flag. Nordlys is the Battlefield 5 story of Norwegian resistance fighter with amazing throwing knives and a brilliant set of skis that turn her game in James Bond-like action thrill. As she sneaks into enemy territory it’s also like GoldenEye on the N64, as you snipe out guards with a silenced pistol and slink into a facility. If you like Bond you’ll enjoy this Battlefield 5 single player footage.

We also offer our Battlefield 5 impressions of Under No Flag, which plays like a historic version of Bad Company – this a criminal unit that plays by its own rules. It has a few jokes – which is a Battlefield first – and lets you go in with a more noisy approach. Of all the War Stories, this is the story we wanted to see more of – just to see how the explosions really kick off. We also take a short look at Tirailleur, which features a unit of Senegalese conscripts fighting with the French army. It’s pretty epic stuff.

Our favourite moments in the Battlefield 5 story preview was messing around on skies and taking in the size of the levels – these are some amazing looking sandboxes. And it looks even better with an Nvidia GeForce RTX card – we got to try out the game and see how ray tracing improves the reflections of fire in the ice and your gun barrel. It needs a little polish, but it’s already looking pretty smart. Make sure to whack the video up to 1440p to see Battlefield 5 RTX at its shiniest.

If you have any questions about the Battlefield 5 single player campaign, why not pop them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. We’ve spent about four hours with the game, but can only show Battlefield 5 gameplay from certain sections, so there’s plenty more to share. And if you enjoyed this video, why not subscribe to Rock Paper Shotgun – we’ll have lot more on the game as we get nearer release.

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