Speech and Hearing in Bangalore, India, SLP Sanjay Kumar with media an AIIMS Delhi Alumnus

Speech and Hearing in Bangalore, India,  SLP Sanjay Kumar with media an AIIMS Delhi Alumnus

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SLP Sanjay Kumar is a certified Speech language pathologist and Audiologist graduated from All India institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi in the field of Speech and Hearing. He did his master from India’s most prestigious Institute in the field of speech and hearing, All India Institute of Speech and Hearing Mysore in the field of Speech Language Pathology.
He is providing his services for both children and adults having any kind of speech and hearing disorders like, Voice disorder, Hearing impairment (Hearing evaluation ,Hearing aid consultation, Hearing aid prescription, Auditory Verbal therapy), stammering/stuttering , Stroke (Aphasia, Dysarthria), Mispronounciation/Misarticulation.

He is also guiding to professional voice users like singers ,film actors ,call centre executive, corporate leaders about vocal hygiene and effective communication, how to avoid vocal abuse to prevent voice disorders in future. He is talking to the media for the awareness of voice disorders at Bangalore, India.

Do you know? 
Many people without proper training in speech language pathology are also involved in stammering and other communication disorder treatment. Few organize workshop for people having stammering .Many ex-stammerer without having training in speech language pathology are also write about themselves speech therapist/doctor designation in India and run stammering cure center, speech therapy center ,stammering care center and conduct stammering correction classes due to lack of awareness. Some of this quack will take guarantee for stammering cure/therapy. Truth is different. There is no 100% cure for stammering. It can be managed by speech therapy and management can be that an extent hardly any one notice the person is having stammering. I have seen a few people from MBBS background, those who were not able to get PG seat in their field ,also talk about stammering and conduct workshop for people having stammering for money making/unemployment. We know their training are in medicine and surgery. There is no medicine and no surgery for stammering. But still they will talk about stammering.

Few doctors suggest medicine also but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved any drug for the treatment of stuttering. However, some drugs that are approved to treat other health problems—such as epilepsy, anxiety, or depression—have been used to treat stuttering. These drugs often have side effects that make them difficult to use over a long period of time. In a recent study funded by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), researchers concluded that drug therapy has been largely ineffective in controlling stuttering. Clinical trials of other possible drug treatments are currently under way.

According to The British stammering Association, Keith Boss, a person with stammering,
BSA Trustee; International Stuttering Association Director; Chair of ISA Outreach
Where do I start?
We do suggest that you try to see a qualified speech and language therapist, at least in the first instance. Ref:

How do you know who are the speech language pathologist /Speech therapist?
These are the professionals trained for the assessment and treatment of all kinds of communication disorders. They should have the following qualification:
B.Sc. (Hons ) Speech and Hearing/B.Sc. Speech and Hearing/Bachelor in Audiology and speech language Pathology (BASLP)
M.Sc. Speech language pathology/M.Sc. speech and hearing/ Master in audiology and Speech language Pathology (MASLP)
Certified by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) to work in India
Although in India bachelor degree holders are also eligible to work as speech language pathologist/ speech therapist, but in developed countries like US minimum requirement is master degree. DHLS is diploma course in the field of speech and hearing and these professional are trained to work as speech therapist assistant/audiologist assistant. They are not speech therapist or audiologist and they can only work under the supervision of speech language pathologist/speech therapist/audiologist.