Speech Therapy Exercises for Toddlers – Volume 3 – At Home Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Exercises for Toddlers – Volume 3 – At Home Speech Therapy

Volume 3 of the Speech Therapy Exercises for Toddlers.

In this volume, you will learn 3 toddler speech therapy techniques that you can use at home to help develop their speech. You can use these in your regular day to day life, as well as find dedicated time to work with them on their speech.

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These series can help a wide range of children:
– speech therapy for 12 month old
– speech therapy for 18 month old
– speech therapy for 2 year old
– speech therapy for 3 year old


In this game, you will need children’s building blocks ( with the alphabet on them.

As you are playing, you will use the letter names and spell words with them. But don’t force the game in a certain way. Incorporate these aspects into whatever style of play they are doing.


This speech therapy technique can be used anywhere and anytime you have conversations with your toddler. It is pretty simple. For any word they do use, you want to repeat it back with an extra word added.

For example, if your child says “car” as they see a car go by, you can say “red car” or “fast car”.

This technique is good for kids with some words in their vocabulary but need to start making longer sentences.


The pause us a technique you should really apply all the time. It is super simple. When you speak to your toddler, pause for 5 seconds before you speak again.

I know this can be hard, but saying the word over and over again won’t help them.

The pause does a few things:
– gives their brain time to process what you are asking for
– allows them to think how to respond
– provides time for them to think about how you pronounced the word, and
– takes a lot of pressure off of them

Use this one often!


Hopefully you will be able to use the speech therapy at home daily, or as often as you can.


– create an at home speech therapy schedule. This will help you keep on track and ensure your child is getting enough practice
– integrate these speech therapy techniques into your daily routines when you can
– keep coming here to learn more!