Speech Therapy & School

Speech Therapy & School

Speech-language pathologists are the specialists that help you with speech, talking and communication. They help with the study, assessment, and treatment of disorders of speech and language in children and adults. While the general assumption is that speech-language pathologist’s help people who have a stutter or lisp, this is true but they do much more. Areas of specialization include disorders of:

• Developmental language
• Neurogenic speech and language
• Voice fluency
• Articulation/phonology
• Swallowing
• Alternative and augmentative communication

Assessing and diagnosing each patient communication disorder requires a personal approach set to their own specific needs. We use a wide variety of diagnostic procedures. Treatment procedures also vary on a patient-to-patient basis and can include group or individual approaches, use of for alternative and augmentative communication. Speech-language pathologists who are involved in research activities seek to increase knowledge of the normal processes of speech and language production to benefit and help patients reach their full potential. Having the support of friends are family are the patients that have the quickest and longest lasting results. Overcoming a speech or language barrier is very difficult on an individual but with the patience and encouragement of those close to them; the therapy can be seamless.

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Speech Therapy is much more than merely voice related. An experienced Speech-Language Pathologist can help your child achieve optimal results at school by improving social skills, listening skills and memory retention. To find out more visit us at simonefriedmansls.com