Stop Stuttering: discover speech norms to normalize your speech

Stop Stuttering: discover speech norms to normalize your speech

Please, meet one of the Etalon study course graduates from South Africa.

He stuttered since his early childhood, tried several stuttering programs in his country and in Bulgaria, but did not achieve any positive results.

Although this 35 yo man did not consider his stuttering severe, but still, it negatively impacted the quality of his life and communication with his coworkers and even close family… He became determined to ELIMINATE his life-time concern, made a hard decision to collect money for the Speech Education Program, enrolled in the 3-day intensive study course on Skype, and obtained the golden knowledge of a NATURAL CORRECT SPEAKING!

Please, enjoy watching his three-day transformation!

This video is prepared by Anna Deeter, M.A., Speech Educator, CEO, Founder & Director @ Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A. Snezhko non-profit foundation. She is also a Founder/President and a Head Teacher of the English-speaking Division “Live Stutter Free” – Speech Education Program for the Elimination of Stuttering.

The ETALON method teaches that the problem of stuttering is the result of lacking (underdeveloped or lost) correct speaking skills in a human.

People are born without any skills. They do not know how to walk, hold a spoon, ride a bike, read, write and speak. They can, but simply do not know how to perform these actions adequately yet. They have not learned yet how to move the muscles of their body in coordination. Their memory does not have yet the information about how to make precise coordinated movements of their body muscles to do something, including speaking.

People learn their both speaking and writing skills from their early childhood. Interesting fact that even though children learn their writing skill under the strict guidance of teachers in school and parents, they are left on their own to develop their skills of speaking by the principle of “whatever God will send”. Such situation has been taking place simply because no professional scientific program (except ETALON) for formation of human speech, has ever existed in the world. Naturally, with such a chaotic approach to the formation of the human’s speech skills, “God does not send to all” to form their normal and full speech.

The ETALON method has finally solved the puzzle of stuttering once and for all. Stuttering is no longer a mystery!

This new approach is based on natural laws (for speaking, thinking, memory, and attention) discovered and formulated by Russian professor R.A. Snezhko in 1998. He has developed and perfected over the last 16 years an innovative and extremely successful program for Instant and Permanent Elimination Of Stuttering in THREE DAYS of intensive study course taught in the individual setting on Skype.

Over 2,000 program graduates in Russia and in other countries (speaking English as primarily and a second language) have eliminated their stuttering once and for all!

Each and every program graduate has achieved 100% successful result guaranteed by his own 100% personal control over his coordinated correct speaking actions.

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