Stutter Stories – What does it mean to have a stutter?

Stutter Stories – What does it mean to have a stutter?

Changed up a few words while reading it so I wouldn’t be stuck forever on them 🙂

What does it mean to have a stutter?
It means that every time I open my mouth I have to choose my words carefully.
It means every time I drive past a favorite food spot of mine, I have to decide if going through the struggle of opening my mouth is worth a tasty treat.
It means having so many moments in my life where instead of speaking my mind and expressing myself, I chose not to speak.
It means going through those many trials of being ridiculed, laughed and looked at when I’m simply trying to be heard.
It means pitting my brain against my own mouth and tongue just to utter a word.
It means struggling to say one word for 20 seconds, only to decide whether or the next 5 are really so important?
It means going through a rare hardship that only 1% of the global population is able to experience firsthand.
It means not being able to sleep at night worrying about what woman would want to marry a verbally challenged man?
It means not knowing if it’s even worth trying to really speak and be heard ever again, which I can’t stand.
It means not comprehending why God choose to give me this curse, what even was his plan?

But what does it really mean to have a stutter?

It really means that I give more worth to my ability to listen and appreciate. That I’m very perceptive of those around me.
It really means that while I may need to depend on others to order my food, I’ll be more than willing to express my gratitude and assist them back proudly.
It really means that I understand my struggle, but won’t allow it to stop or hold me back any longer.
It really means that all those trials just made me who I am: stronger.
It really means realizing the real battle is between my thoughts and I, my mouth is just trying his best to work.
It really means that while there’s not very many of us, it’s rare to be able to spread such awareness to most of Earth.
It really means understanding that I’m here waiting on me to spit it out too, so please, have patience!
It really means knowing that not only am I a man worthy of love, the woman that accepts me will know true appreciation and dedication.
It really means understanding the sheer weight and value of my words, the positive impact I have on the lives of those around me; may God honor those that I’m addressing.
It really means that I know now this is all ultimately for my benefit, who would I be today without this? I can only thank the Lord for this blessing.

I’ve gone through countless unique stages of growth in my life. I’m immensely grateful for God’s grace, my family, and those I’ve encountered on my journey. Please, if you ever come across someone with a stutter: be kind and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Share this video in order to help spread some awareness. Us stutterers out there need to embrace each other and help get more people in the know about our speech!