Stutterers on soapbox in City Centre of Eindhoven – video stuttering

Stutterers on soapbox in City Centre of Eindhoven – video stuttering

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A fresh wind is blowing through the stuttering society in The Netherlands! This air comes from the powerful lungs of about forty young adult stutterers that came to Eindhoven from 7 to 10 March 2012 to work on their speech. Amongst them were six new students, each with their own background and identity. Besides the new students there were also many former students who returned and coaches from The Netherlands and other countries.

It was an intense course with a lot of talking, challenges and also many laughs. Course Instructor Dennis Tieke laid the foundations of the new breathing-speaking techniques. At the end of the first day the new students could say their name out loud using the new technique. This was an ever-impressive moment and proof that the technique actually works. In the following days we witness a unique metamorphosis: the stutterers who are always extremely shy, turn into powerful self confident speakers in just two days.
We have all felt the same during our first course. It’s nice to see how in such a short period of time so much can change.
The difference can be seen in their speech, but is especially visible in their new obtained confident posture.
The old shy stutterer vanishes, here speaks a confident intelligent person who has the right to be heard!
The returning students from Britain and the Benelux were very impressed with the city of Eindhoven and the mentality of the people of Eindhoven: friendly, attentive and supportive. In addition, they praised the level of professionalism at the Dutch course. This is quite a compliment when you consider that in Britain the McGuire course is the largest and most successful stuttering therapy available.


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