Stuttering Cure Exercises – 2 Easy Stutter Stopping Exercises

Stuttering Cure Exercises – 2 Easy Stutter Stopping Exercises

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Stuttering Cure Exercises – 2 Easy Stutter Stopping Exercises

If you want to know the cure for stuttering that has been proven to get the best results then you have to watch above video. Stuttering, otherwise known as stammering, affect over 3 million Americans and I used to be one of them as well!

There are many solutions for getting a handle on the stuttering issue. Some of the popular solutions that has yield results for some are exercises, speech therapy and self help.

Stopping your stutter is no different. You need a routine to get rid of the stress of speaking before you speak.

Here’s your pre-speaking routine.

1. Picture the words in your mind first.
This makes you surer of the words you’ll be saying and acts as the “practice shot” in your head.

2. Visualize yourself saying the words clearly.
So first you visualize the words themselves, next you visualize yourself saying them clearly and fluently.

You should practice in the mirror and practice your speech over and over again. Trust me its nothing to be ashamed of i do it too. You just need to calm down and totally not freak when doing so you could like clear your throat but don’t make do it too often then people will think something is wrong.


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