@SwashMusic | @BexSongStress – Stuttering (Jazmine Sullivan Acoustic Cover) | @UTR_SwashTV

@SwashMusic | @BexSongStress – Stuttering (Jazmine Sullivan Acoustic Cover) | @UTR_SwashTV


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Stuttering (Jazmine Sullivan Acoustic Cover) –

Get Up –

Singer/Songwriter & Solo artist from North London, BEX has been singing from the age of 5. Now at 22, her petite frame and enormous voice and passion for music has driven her to write, sing & perform. Her aim with this musical gift is to encourage others to aim beyond their thoughts, imagination and all limitations. Bex acknowledges herself as an instrument that is always experimenting with new sounds. Her dynamic range of subjects, are written to uplift and give her audience a chance to feel and listen to her journey called life.

BEX is currently finishing up on her EP named “TRANSITION”. This coming EP will reflect her decision from wanting to sing secular to knowing that Gospel is her calling. Transition symbolizes her walk with god and the obstacles that she faces on her journey. Some of the songs are her prayers and just simply glorifying God. Other songs encourage people who are feeling like giving up not to.

One of Bex’s signature tracks, “I Need You Now” shows her individualism and unique prayer through writing music and represents a new chapter in needing to become better servant in Christ. “A secure, ambitious, powerful servant of God with the ability to heal through singing with music.”
Bex’s love for live music had developed even deeper when her Aunty Phebe took her to see Mario Live in concert (2003) alongside her elder sister Joanna. After seeing Mario with dancer’s, lights, band and the stage Bex began visualising doing the same and that’s when it all kicked off. She joined church choirs (New-Ye), got involved in school music events and joined theatre groups like Roundhouse Voices and Urban Development. Bex has previously performed at 02 Arena, 02 Academy, ILuvlive, Lovebox, the Legendary Ronnie Scotts and many more amazing events and festivals. After studying Music Practice at college, Bex decided to study Commercial Music at university in 2010.
Having grown up in church, Bex admired the singers and got to see the best nearly every Sunday and throughout the week. One singer was her Mother “Shirley Grant”. The gospel sensation from the Gospel Outreach Ministry’s in north London.
This opportunity taught her how to learn and use her vocals and express herself as an individual. Being on the Praise and Worship Team in wood green New Testament of God, her vocal ability and technique was developed even further. She was taught that singing was about living right for God, freedom, healing and power.
Bex’s family is musical and is made up of singers, writers, playing musicians and producers. This also added to the shaping of her sound, identity and creative ideas. So as Bex worships, write’s and performs, this stays at the back of her mind and helps her to move with such profound wisdom and creativity.
Bex is the little lady with a big voice and huge vision from God and she’s ready to share her music and understanding with the rest world.


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