[TAS] Wipeout: The Game (Wii) Easy Mode in 5:35.90

[TAS] Wipeout: The Game (Wii) Easy Mode in 5:35.90

Not to be confused with the racing series of the same name.

When using the same timing methods as future levels (Which starts when selecting “Play!”, and ends at the camera change when completing the final level), the actual time for this video is 5:12.73.
I played this game as a kid many years ago, and remembered it last night and immediately decided to make a TAS of it on a whim. Shoutouts to how the game stutters and drops frames at 30FPS ON A REAL WII; The “Speed Up Disc Transfer Rate” and “CPU Clock Override” options were turned on in Dolphin to remove those drops.

While this is over a minute faster than the RTA world record (Yes, there’s a dedicated speedrunning page for the game), I’m certain that most of the time saved is due to loading.

For those that don’t know, Wipeout was an American game show, similar in style to Ninja Warrior, where contestants compete in a series of obstacle courses to get the best time. Wipeout focused much more on comedical aspects like the absurdity of the obstacles themselves and the ways people get knocked out.

This glorious shovelware game follows how a typical episode would run, where a few contestants go through the obstacles and stages seen in the real show. With the game, all that matters is if you reach the ending zone at the end of a given obstacle, no matter what state you’re in. With that in mind, I skip having to wait for an obstacle’s cycle in several instances by purposefully getting hit and ragdolling my way to the end zone. While I could have seen the opponents’ runs and caused havoc by throwing balls at them in a similar way to Stage 2, I skipped all of their attempts to save actual time. Knowing that this won’t get any views at all, I doubt you people want to see a “play-around”.

I’d say the only improvement I could really make is in the 3rd stage of the final level, where I get ragdolled at a slower speed than I initially thought.
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