Teen gohan ADVANCED optimal flying kick ninja dash kick move tech stutter step tutorial DBFZ

Teen gohan ADVANCED optimal flying kick ninja dash kick move tech stutter step tutorial DBFZ

Trying to keep this channel active, I wouldnt expect to much video game stuff since I kinda got these vegito blue balls going and namco wont even let me put the tip in. So kinda holding off on games for now and finishing all these other half finished videos till he comes out to motivate me but will see..

As for this video itself this is a little more complicated discussion about what I first explained when the game came out about gohan and his flying ninja dash kick thing. So as I explained before a basic idea is that the last button we press if its a light this throws the dude behind us. If we press medium or hard this throws the dude in front of us.

But lets try to push this a step further and take this as far as we can get. So as you can see here basic idea is after the initial hit before the final, if we do a light the guy floats in the air a bit higher but doesnt fly across the screen, if we do a medium we get less vertical movement and we get a wall bounce. So now if we use this knowledge with a stutter step while we play can maximize this into sequences such as say flying kick, ~l,m ~l, m and so forth.

So we can actually get a legit corner to corner flying kick. With no meter. Of course sadly the homing dash will not connect as for that to connect you can get around 75% screen or something like that.

But assuming we time this correctly this makes going for those bomb set ups I showed in other videos more plausible from slightly further out.

Realistically speaking of course if you are mid screen, you probably should just go for real bomb stuff and this is not worth it. However the one that throws you behind of course is more realistic if you are around 40% to the corner behind you are more. Of course you can as shown in this video get half screen throw backs. But its just not realistic imo way to iffy on timing. So really this is more so to help if you want to optimize some maximum corner corner carry, and make the behind you bomb loop stuff a bit easier(but again not going for max range on this one as at that point is hella iffy, and you may as well just keep going forward)

On a final note I showed just another thing I had on tape of the full screen bomb loop as it is of course possible while tagging as well. Theres also set ups to do behind the back bomb loops with tagging but its pretty iffy I think if we are talking in terms of realizim .

Anywho not sure what to really do with the game like I said for now… If I actually made money off youtube that made it worth it id think of doing those beerus, hit blah blah.. but i just cant justify doing it no matter how many times people ask so sorry dudes. Hard enough to force myself to play as is

Song is something from mugen frontier. I kinda thought of doing a eternal champion song or a even dragon shadow spell song but just went with this…


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