Teen Tourettes Camp part 4

Teen Tourettes Camp part 4

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I’m updating this description with more particular information about Tourettes do to some convo in the comments:

One point of the Tourettes Diagnosis states that “both multiple motor tics and one or more vocal tics must be present at the same time, although not necessarily concurrently”.

Again, motor tics are predominant, & the diagnosis calls for both.

Further, vocal tics are not just audiblized words, but can include sniffing sounds (like Ben), pushing air out through the nose, huffing (like Michelle does), etc.

So TS is both motor & vocal, with most TS suffers having way more motor tics.

“Tics typically begin at about 6 or 7 years of age, initially presenting in midline body regions where there are many muscles: the head, neck and facial region. Movement-based tics are called motor tics. Involuntary sounds produced by moving air through the nose, mouth, or throat are alternately called verbal tics, vocal tics, or phonic tics. Some diagnosticians prefer the term phonic tics, because the vocal cords are not involved in all tics that produce sound.”

Jen, one of the Tourettes teens in the video can be visited at her youtube channel angelvoice222: and recently did a commentary vid about the documentary and comments made to a clip of the docu elsewhere on youtube:

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