The Fairly OddParents – Father Time! / Apartnership! – Ep.5

The Fairly OddParents – Father Time! / Apartnership! – Ep.5

Father Time:
When Timmy breaks his dad’s sentimental, grade school trophy and gets punished, he wishes himself back in time to stop his dad (as a kid) from ever winning the dumb thing in the first place. Returning to the present, Timmy discovers that the world is an entirely different place due to his “tampering” with history. With the help of Cosmo and Wanda, Timmy must go back into the past and fix what he broke or else suffer the consequences of the alternate reality his meddling created.

While preparing for his parent’s anniversary, Timmy inadvertently causes a fight between Cosmo and Wanda that escalates to Cosmo running home to live with his mother. Cosmo’s mommy, who never liked Wanda, uses the fight as a chance to break the Godparents up. And Cosmo, the consummate only child and Mama’s boy, is helpless before his mama’s onslaught. Timmy must travel with Wanda to Fairy World, rescue Cosmo from his mother, get Cosmo and Wanda back together and still get back to Earth in time to give his parents their Anniversary gift.

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