This Project Could 10x – Doge Coin Listed on Binance – Choppy BTC – Flexa Adds Litecoin

This Project Could 10x – Doge Coin Listed on Binance – Choppy BTC – Flexa Adds Litecoin

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Dogecoin lists on Binance exchange (So Much Wow)

Chinese Ponzi scheme victims accuse Justin Sun of complicity through silence

39,000 More Merchants Can Accept Litecoin With Flexa Integration

Major Chinese Financial News Provider Quietly Adds Crypto Index

Bitcoin Price Will Hit $100,000 by the End of 2021, Says Anthony Pompliano

MCO Visa Cards will start shipping in the U.S.

$124 billion dollars of wealth has been stored on the bitcoin network, and not withdrawn, for an entire year.

Banks take $11 billion every year from the people that have the least, via fees.

Banks help launder over $2 trillion every year.

$BTC dominance climbing at 65%

Ethereum Prefered For dApps, ETH Prices and User Activity Correlate

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