Thriving at school after overcoming poor self-esteem and huge social anxiety!

Thriving at school after overcoming poor self-esteem and huge social anxiety!

Maddie suffered from years of low self-esteem and low confidence levels, which made life at school and home really tough. But after hearing about The Thrive Programme’s young person’s course from a friend, she contacted a Thrive Consultant and hasn’t look back.

Watch this video for her full story and check out for details on the young person’s course Maddie took.

Are you concerned that your child is not as happy as they otherwise could be, and wish there was something you could do to help them? If your child lacks confidence, it can easy for them to create fears and insecurities when faced with challenges in their lives.

They may have social anxiety, and feel harshly judged by others, or feel shy and unable to speak up for themselves. When children lack belief in their ability to cope with situations, this can lead to
avoidance of situations, such as socialising or school itself.


• Fears & Phobias
• Difficult behavour
• Shyness/lack of confidence
• Worry/Anxiety
• Self harm
• Nailbiting
• Speech problems/stuttering
• Unhappiness
• Bedwetting
• Obesity
• Nightmares
• Sleeping problems
• Emetophobia
• Eating disorders

This is a very powerful, six session training programme that helps you and your child to really understand themselves, their beliefs and the thinking is causing their anxiety and symptoms. Once you have that insight, it can be very easy to think differently, increase self esteem, feel more in control and change old patterns of behaviour.

For children under the age of 16, it is beneficial if one or both parents be present in some or all of the sessions. This will help you to gain the understanding of why you child has the issues they have, enabling you to help and support them outside of the sessions. Very often, frustrated parents come to me not knowing how to best respond to their children’s behaviour – unfortunately some parenting styles and decisions (despite parents best efforts and intentions) can actually lead to symptoms and anxieties escalating in children.

Thrive is most effective with children over the age of 10 as they are at an age where they can understand, process and put into action what we discuss in the session. That said, bright children who are mature for their age who are under 10 can still certainly benefit.

The Thrive Programme® is a life-changing psychological training programme that empowers you with the skills, insights and resources in order to take control of your life, overcome any symptoms or problems you have, and thrive!


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