Tony Robbins – how to overcome depression and anxiety

Tony Robbins – how to overcome depression and anxiety

Tony Robbin on how to how to overcome depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety is impacted #1 by what we eat (bad food poisons our system and impacts how we feel) #2 what we think about (what we eat impacts what we think about)

Tony Robbins shows you how to overcome depression and anxiety that will leave you speechless.

Tony Robbins first shows us that people are addicted to their emotions. People take drugs that either uppers or downers and because people have felt this depressed state people tend to keep them in this feel of sadness and or anxiety.

Next Tony Robbins goes into what I call as Victim or respect. When we play the victim, we get, love and people feel sorry for us however, we will not be respected.

In order to break free of our depression and our anxiety we must change the story we tell ourselves. I am…I told myself, I am worthless, I hate myself but in order to break free from this depression we must say I a genius, I am confident, etc…

If you search Dr. Joe Dispenzia who says we have around 50-60,000 thoughts per day and 90% of them are the same thought we had the day before however, I say we must become and actor and act as if you are the person you wish you were which in my experience is the only true way to overcome our depression.

Next Tony Robbins talks about the science of achievement. The reason so many of us get depressed is the idea of what our life should be like is much different that what our life is really like however, there is a science to Acheivement.

We have probably heard for every action there is an equal reaction.

In addition to this Tony Robbins video on how to overcome depression and anxiety. We suggest that you do research on how 1) exercise impacts you mood 2) the processed food that we eat shrinks parts of our brain which is linked to why people fall into a depression 3) watch Dr. Joe Dispenzia video on how to use the power of our mind to fight against depression and anxiety.


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