What’s up doc? – Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd singing

What’s up doc? – Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd singing

These two really know how to make you smile!

What’s Up, Doc? is a Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Robert McKimson and released by Warner Bros. Pictures in 1950 to celebrate Bugs Bunny’s 10th birthday that year, in which he recounts his life story to a reporter from “Disassociated Press”. Bugs talks about his birth, his rise to fame, the slow years, and when famous Vaudeville performer Elmer Fudd chooses him to be part of his act. Eventually the duo comes upon their classic formula of Hunter vs. Hare. (www.wikipedia.org)

These would be the original lyrics:

(Carl W. Stalling)

Mel Blanc (as Bugs Bunny) & Arthur Q. Bryan (as Elmer Fudd) – 1949

Oh, the carrot is a yum-yum veg-e-table!
I always eat as many as I’m able
To snitch from any stand by some fancy slight of hand
Or to purchase from the grocer…if I’m able!

When I chew them, they go crunchy, crunchy, crunch!
As a veg-e-table they’re so good to munch
Oh, I’d rather have a carrot, than a zebra or a parrot
‘Cause a carrot is me very favorite lunch!

E h h h h h . . .
What’s up, Doc? What’s cookin’?
What’s up, Doc? Oh, you’re lookin’
For Bugs Bunny bunting…
Elmer’s gone a-hunting
Just to get a rabbit skin…
Oops! The rabbit’s gone again!
What’s up, Doc? What’s cookin’?
Hey!…Look out!…Stop!
You’re gonna hurt someone
With that old shot-gun!
E h h h h . . . What’s up, Doc?


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