Why Crankshaft Seals cause Bog Down/Two Stroke Cycle (11 of 12)

Why Crankshaft Seals cause Bog Down/Two Stroke Cycle (11 of 12)

My mission is to take subjects that can seem quite daunting and somewhat difficult to understand and explain them in such a way that everyone can understand and benefit. All too often things are explained to us in a way that is difficult to grasp. I really hope that all of my tutorials are understandable by most, if not all, people who wish to view them.

I want to help people understand as I was helped by some fantastic mentors during my years as a University student, in Science, and a trainee apprentice as an engineer. In fact, I could NOT have became a qualified repair engineer or a Science graduate if I never had these wonderful people in my life.

Sadly, some of them are no longer with us to see these videos, which I really want to dedicate to them. More than anyone else, I want to dedicate these to my Father, who is still a practicing engineer, for always pushing me into this field and ensuring I applied my mind to it, and for my amazing late mother, who nurtured, cared, loved and motivated me all of my life. When I was down she would always reach down and stand me back up again, telling me I was worth something. I only wish I could thank her in person and show her these videos. I realise now that she was my biggest and most amazing mentor.

Thank you for 40 Golden years mom!

This is my No: 11 of 12, which covers the Main Crankshaft seals in relation to bog down. I hope you find this information useful.

Please do checkout my other videos on related topics.

Many thanks indeed



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